Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sexhibition - The Erotic Event Of The North

It's nearly that time again for Sexhibition to take place in Manchester. Branded as the Erotic Event of the North and the only one of its kind in the north, Sexhibition Expo needs to learn a lot from last year, which was it first year. So here is our review -

Well as it was the first year we decided to attend the whole event, so bought tickets as soon as they were released for the daytime at sexhibition, the Pin-up and Porn Star party and the After Dark at sexhibition. We paid full price, which we learnt was a big mistake as all tickets appeared on groupon or wowcher closer to the date it was being held.

During the day Sexhibition had retailers in a hall, selling erotic art, erotic books, lingerie and sex toys. To be truthful there wasn't many sellers and the variety of items was a bit poor. 

Off the main hall, were some different rooms, one being a room full off porn stars, that you could meet and have your photo taken with them for a charge. I did get to meet the amazing Ben Dover, in my eyes the most famous english male porn star. He was so nice to talk to, so interesting and I even had my photo taken (he didn't charge me, but did steel a few kisses). I asked him if he was going to the porn star party, which he knew nothing about, which we found a bit odd.

Ben Dover and Me at Sexhibition

In the middle of the main sexhibition hall was a large stage which featured performers during the day and several fashion shows. whilst watching one of the shows I did meet Sinderella Rockafella one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Sinderella features on The Pantie Purse website, in some of our banners and even on the banner for this blog, so it was amazing to meet this pin-up model who we've followed for a long time. She was just visiting the show last year to support her Pin Up Sisters at the The Pin Up Academy, she is however working along side them this year, after returning to modelling after having her baby.

Sinderella Rockafella and Me at Sexhibition
At around 5.30pm it was time for the Pin Up and Porn star party, which was held in a separate room. This was not a good event, it was poorly lit, no one was there and the pin up and porn stars didn't even realise there was a party they had to attend. Needless to say there's no pin up and porn star party this year.

I don't know what we were expecting from the After Dark event at Sexhibition but it wasn't what we got. They had set tables out in front of the main stage for the VIP guests so they could have their meals in front of the entertainment. If you weren't a VIP theres were no other food choices for normal guests, which was very disappointing especially as we had been at the event all day and night. There was one bar in the middle of the main hall and with the amount of guests it wasn't enough. There were queues 10 people deep and it even ran out of alcohol at 10pm. The stalls were still open all night to, as the whole event was in the same hall. We felt for the poor traders having to be there from morning to early morning the next day.

Off the main hall was an erotic cinema, a pole dancing club ( this was closed down to as they didn't have a licence) and a XXX Room. This room was full of fetish equipment, we went in to take a look. There were people everywhere, some watching some thing part. There was a woman getting pleasured bent over and tied to a block. A man in his late 20's or 30's was strapped to a cross with middle aged women flogging his bare arse. It was a sight to behold. We left that room and went to look for somewhere to sit. There was no where, we had to go into the pole dancing club as thats the only place with chairs, other people had the same idea. There was no place to have a dance, or a disco area, which was a shame.

One of the main acts on the main stage was Suki Singapore a word famous burlesque dancer, I'd always wanted to see her perform, along with Dita Von Teese who i'm yet to see. we headed to the main stage where there were hundreds of people crowded round the tables and chairs of the VIP's while they had there meal. If I was a VIP i wouldn't have liked that. Suki Singapore was amazing, so elegant and such a great performer.

The one thing that was good was that everyone could express themselves, there was people in PVC, Pin Up, Lingerie and more. There were people walking their human puppies which was good to see and people just being free to express their sexuality. I decided to wear a dress from the Noir Handmade Fetish Wear Collection from The Pantie Purse, I must say I felt great, super sexy.

Me at Sexhibition After Dark- Click Image to Buy Dress

So the good points of sexhibition 2015 were - 
I got to meet some amazing people
I got to see Suki Singapore
It' an event held in the north
People could express themselves

The bad points of sexhibition 2015 -
No food for non VIP's
No Disco or place to dance at the After Dark
No where to sit
Bar ran out of alcohol 
Only one bar
Pin Up and Porn Star party was poor
Really hot as air con broken

We will be attending Sexhibition 2016, so we hope a lot of these points have been addressed.  Hope to see you there.