Sunday, 25 February 2018

Are you a Sissy Boy? And whats is the meaning of the word Sissy?

We ask the question - what is Sissy? and are you a Sissy Boy? well according to Wiki a Sissy is derived from the word 'sister'. it's a term given to boys or men who don't gender conform. A boy or man displaying effeminate traits. A 'Sissy' is the male converse of a 'Tomboy' but usually carried more negativity, unless of course in the BDSM community. 
The BDSM meaning of Sissy
Sissification (or Feminization} is the practice, of switching the gender role of a male submissive to female.
It is usually achieved through cross dressing, where the male submissive is dressed in female clothing and lingerie. There are many degrees of feminization; some include wearing female underwear to being fully dressed in effeminate attire and make-up, intentionally playing to many classic female stereotypes.
Some submissive males often take on tasks, overtly feminine behaviors and roles (such as being a sissy maid), and adopt female mannerisms and postures in such activities as sitting, walking and acting in a feminine manner.
Sissy Boy BDSM Maid
The costume is sometimes very domestic, suggestive of servitude and often out-dated, distancing the submissive male from acceptable feminine clothing and even farther from contemporary conventional male attire. This may also be an opportunity for ageplay, further diminishing the submissive male's status.
Alternatively, the costume may sometimes be very suggestive (e.g. mini-skirts), linked to other male fetishes regarding female clothing (e.g. PVC or latex attire), and exaggerating female characteristics (e.g. high heels and corsets).
Naming may also be employed. A submissive male may be given a female name, designated as "a good girl", or given a name which is an explicit insult applicable to females, such as "whore" or "bitch' or even "slut" which while it may not be an insult in all cases, implies out-of-control female lust, a reinforcement of the feminization.
We have the perfect collars for any 'Sissy Boy' with our 'Slut' and 'Bad Girl' Collar and coming soon is our 'Sissy' Collar.
bad boy sissy boy collar
slut sissy boy leather collar, label your sissy
Greater levels of feminization may also mean the male being the recipient of anal sex using a strap-on dildo or a male accomplice. Even caging your Sissy boys manhood.
While many may find sissification to be a form of humiliation, many participants view the activity as a positive reinforcement of role an find it a release from real life. 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sex Position Of The Week - Sex and Lifestyle Blog - When Sex Turns Hilarious

Today we are going to share some of the funniest things people have had said to them during sex. Sex can be hilarious and a little weird after all.
Sex is great after all but some things can get lost in translation, or just should be said whilst getting down and dirty.
We start with first time sex -
"It's just like putting in a big tampon!"
It was her first time so she was on top fumbling around for awhile, and when she finally got it in she let out a happy little squeak and said that with the proudest expression on her face.

Try to leave movies outside the bedroom, unless its 50 shades of grey -
''My wife after sex once turned round to me and said "That'll do pig. That'll do."''
Quotes from Babe are never going to go down well.

A bit of wizardry is probably a bit strange to.
Shazam he said as he came, was that the day he became a man?

Maybe bringing up a tv show you watched earlier isn't the best thing for getting hot and steamy - unless you like the kind of thing.
We had been talking about vikings jokingly earlier so mid session she calls out "Pillage my village!" We didn't finish because we couldn't stop laughing for the next 20 minutes.

And finally we move onto food. as we all now food play can be awesome. licking fresh cream off each other etc etc but not when your partner doesn't know and not when you drop a food stuff into a sexy sentence or when food can make you sore.-
"Are you eating gummy worms?"
We were going Doggy style and I didn't think she would notice.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Hairy Swimsuit is a real thing - Do you want a hairy chest?

We had to write a blog on the new thing that is the hairy swimsuit. We are not sure what to think but we know this hair print swimsuit is going to turn head on the beach this summer.. if you chose to purchase and wear one.

Ever wish you had someone else's body while making your way from the beach to the pool, whilst on holiday?

An American company is offering swimwear for $44 - in the design traditionally worn by women - printed with a hairy male torso. 

The 'Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit' comes with the slogan: 'Make the pool boy say "WTF!"' and that's exactly what we thought. However people seem to be going crazy for them.

Not surprisingly there has also been some very strong comments regarding these hairy swimsuits and who can blame them, the is not something we are used to seeing but we are all for uniqueness so why not.

To be truthful though we prefer to see our mens chests on men and in something like this.


Monday, 29 May 2017

What did Zac Efron do to get his Baywatch body?

We all know this summer everyone is talking about the new Baywatch movie and looking at pictures of Zac Efron we can see why. Where has that weedy boy gone and what did he do to get that body?

Zac Efron looking Hot

Well the big question on everyones lips is - What did Zac Efron eat to get down to 5% body fat? 
His Diet was a 12 week plan of whole organic foods.
  • Lean Protein and a lot of eat 
  • Egg Whites
  • Brown Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Oats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Avocado
  • Apples, Pears and Berries
  • All kind of vegetables

Zac Efron Baywatch

His trainer has
 never given away all the secrets of his diet, however it is believed he did say his fat, protein and carb macros were switched up every 2 weeks. He also drank 3 litres of water every day supplemented with unflavoured whey protein.

Diet wasn't the only thing he changed to get the body that we can only dream of having, he trained like crazy and had The Rock Dwayne Johnson as his training partner.
He did a mixture of Plyometric and isometric training as well as a lot of cardio.

Baywatch The Rock and Hasselhoff

We know whatever he did, it worked as we think he is looking hotter than ever. it just shows what you can create and how strong and adaptable your body can be. Zac Efron we salute you!

Show off that body with Mens Wear from The Pantie Purse.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sexy Boots - Thigh High Boots and Boot Fetish

At The Pantie Purse you know we love to cover the world of erotic and we thought we would bring to you the world of sexy boots and boot fetishes and fetishism.

Us women love a good pair of sexy or kinky boots, but did you know boot fetishism is a sexual fetish focused on boots. as we all know boots can look very sexy and have become a sexual attraction for many people, they re also big in the BDSM scene, as well as fashion and music videos. boots are one of the most popular fetish items of clothing and we can see why.

Celebs in Sexy Thigh High Boots.
Many celebs have rocked this look this season as last, including Beyonce, Rihanna, and Rita Ora. Not only do they look good when they are performing on stage but during the day and eve at a red carpet event. Sexy boots can be teamed with any kind of outfit and look amazing.
Beyonce in Red Thigh High Boots.

But celebs weren't the first to wear sexy boots. The first reference of boots as a fetish was back in 1868. Boot fetishism was then described scientifically in a book dedicated to female foot and boot fetishes in 1915. They were even used in sexual arousal research in the 1960's as scientists found most men get sexually aroused over a good pair of boots.

Boots are normally seen as a statement of empowerment and I know I feel empowered when I wear a pair. from the moment I put them on I feel taller and sexier.  This maybe as they are usually associated with the BDSM scene and boot worship. Also any good mistress will have a great pair of boots.


High heeled boots are great for the figure. The elongate the calves and give you a longer looking legged appearance. A term which we believe came from America describes thigh high and sexy boots as fuck me boots due to their extreme exaggeration of arousal they bring. This term became popular in the 1990s and is still used today however some feminists believed this term wasn't good for women and said it was 'slut shaming', but who wouldn't want to fuck you if you had a great pair of boots.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Swinging Club For Everyone - Jaydees Adult Lifestyle Club.

Jaydees is an Adult Lifestyle Club just 3 miles off the A1 near st noets in Berkshire, so is easy to get to and its set on its own grounds and farm land, it is also very discrete. This Adult Lifestyle club run regular swingers nights in their fully equipped venue. The club is 5000sq ft and has everything you need for a great night.

Jaydees Adult Lifestyle Swingers Club

As you arrive there is free parking, you are then welcomed into reception and greeted by the owners and staff, all of whom are welcoming, kind and friendly. There is nothing to much trouble. After paying your small fee to enter, we were taken on a guided tour.

There is a large dance floor and disco area with chairs around the outside and a pole to the centre. After all you cant have a great disco in a swingers club with out a pole. The dj played a mixture of music all night that suited everyones tastes. Next to the dance floor is the dedicated bar area. You have to bring your own alcohol to Jaydees which is good, as this eliminates any high costs of being charged for drink at a bar. You leave your beverages at the bar which is manned by staff at all times. Opposite the bar the club had also put on a small buffet. For larger events the bar area can be opened up into a large marque. They have an alcohol policy and do not condone drinking to excess, after all no one likes a drunk.

Jaydees Kitchen 

Leading from the bar area is a kitchen, where tea and coffee is provided. You will always find men in the kitchen at a party, and this one has a seating area to. The kitchen leads to 3 places, you can go out the doors to the heated large outdoor smoking area, which is full equipped with seating and tables. or you can go through the door which leads you to the hot tub (which seats 8) and sauna area, the showers, lockers,  and private playrooms. Or up the stairs you go to the playrooms upstairs.

There are 7 private playrooms and these can be locked. You can book these rooms if you'd like to spend the night. One of the rooms had their resident photographer who can take a set of photos for you, anything you like from portraits to something a bit raunchy. The session was free and so were the photos, as the photographer love his job. These photos are not given to anyone apart from you or used for anything else by the photographer or club, they are purely yours.

So we take you upstairs, there are several play spaces up here, all public. There are several pieces of furniture scatter around, i.e spanking benches, crosses etc , that can be used, if you want to, there is also a large bed in the centre. There is plenty of seating everywhere in Jaydees. At the far left is a couples only room, featuring a large circular bed and seating, only couples can enter this room, and any singles have to be invited. This is a great concept.

Jaydees Play Area 
Jaydees hold different nights every month, some are themed nights, from naughty nighties, newbie night, couples nights and BBW nights. We know no matter what night you attend you will feel comfortable and welcome in this non pushy, friendly club. As not only is this club amazing, the people are also amazing to. The hospitality is superb.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What's My Perfect Shade Of Lipstick? It's The Colour Of Your Nipple !!!

Yes you read it right !!! the perfect colour and shade of lipstick for you is suppose to be the colour of your actual nipples. Yes we were a bit shocked when we heard that to, especially as at the Pantie Purse we enjoy a bright lipstick.

This interesting fact and bit of weird news has actually come from doctors, yes doctors? The reason behind this is nature really is the best colorist, and she knows what compliments your skin tone best. I guess it makes sense?! Kind of!? Maybe??

So we thought well, your body changes depending on the situation, yes your natural nipple colour is more like a pale nude, or brown etc, but we enjoy our reds and purples. so what needs to change, according to doctors,to get that perfect lip colour, well your nipple colour this what!! and that's whats brought us to well... you guest it nipple clamps.

Well below we feature an array of clamps. 

Our first being the 3 ring nipple clamps, as Beyonce would say 'put a ring on it' and these clamps are perfect for that.


We told you that we like our lipstick bright and we prefer it red, well the stainless steel japenese clover butterfly nipple clamps would give us the perfect shade. Tweet your nipples to intensive the pain, the pleasure and the colour. 


Why not frame those lips? A nipple clamp and ball gag combo is just for you. Not only will it improve the colour and pleasure you re getting from your nipples, but that lipstick will be perfectly framing the ball gag.


Whatever choice of lipstick you go for, whether this to match your nipples are not, we know you will always look fabulous.