Sunday, 21 August 2016

SI Ignite Exxtreme Goose - The Goose MASSIVE Dildo

Everyone who knows of us and who has seen us out and about this year, knows about the extreme dildo that is The Goose. The Goose from maker SI Ignite has become something of a mascot for The Pantie Purse and it is definitely a massive dildo thats gets people talking.

The massive dildo that is the SI Ignite Exxtreme Goose went to Swingfields 2016 this year - can you spot it on our stall?

Can you spot The Goose?

The Goose is definitely a extreme dildo that draws attention. 

Ok so down to The Goose's product details - its official name is SI Ignite Exxtreme Goose, and its a massive 22 inches long and comes with  large suction cup at the base. The Goose's length is 57cm and its massive diameter is 10cm. This huge dildo is definitely a big boy and it weighs a lot to. The goose is shaped liked a goose's neck and head and is tapered to the top for easy entry. it gives a nice stretch to the hole it is inserted into, usually the anus.

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The Goose is a unique dildo, you not see many like this around, with its extreme size, length, width an weight its probably the biggest dildo you will see. 

The SI Ignite Exxtreme Goose is admired by many and used by the ultimate pleasure seekers. We know from the feedback we receive relying to The Goose that this huge dildo is a great product. 

The Goose also had an outing to the VA Festival of Fun this year to and everyone who saw it wondered at its size, shape and girth.

The Goose at VA Festival of Fun
Can you spot The Si Ignite Exxtreme Goose on our stall at Va Festival of Fun 2016?

Can you spot The Goose at Va Festival 2016

The SI Ignite Exxtreme Goose comes in 3 colours, Black, Vanilla (also known as flesh) and Brown. personally us at The Pantie Purse prefer the Vanilla and Black and Black definitely seems to be the most popular. No matter what colour you choose The Exxtreme Goose is a perfectly formed massive dildo, which will bring a huge amount of pleasure to any one using it.

If you are at an event that The Pantie Purse is attending come and see us and come and see The Goose, you won't be disappointed. Alternatively if you just want to go straight ahead and buys yours now visit our website or click the link and it will take you straight to the page you are looking for.