Saturday, 13 August 2016

Vanilla Alternative Festival Of Fun

As you know and have gathered The Pantie Purse has been getting out and about this year and our last event was the wonderful Vanilla Alternative Festival Of Fun. This great festival for the alternative life style was held in the grounds of the hotel and swingers club The Vanilla Alternative.

Vanilla Alternative

As the Vanilla Alternative say - there concept is - 

The Vanilla Alternative, an entirely new and exciting experience that adults across the UK are flocking to experience.With our huge hot tub, open and private play areas, fully licensed bar, our own hotel and gorgeous decor, you'll see why more and more swingers are choosing to become members at The Vanilla Alternative.

We were not disappointed when we arrived. We were lucky enough to be invited personally to have a stall at the Festival Of Fun, we had been recommended by Social Swinging, who we have been working close with over a few months. We travelled down and arrived around 5pm on the Friday. We were greeted by very professional members of staff, who went through security checks, made you sign privacy statements and told you where to go and handed you the rules of the festival. 

Ground of the Vanilla Alternative
We were impressed by the location, such a beautiful spot with vast grounds and right next to a river. We parked up our van and went to find the organises. Well what can we say about Jules and Scott, Beautiful, Kind, Bubbly and just all round amazing. As people were just arriving the Friday, we decided not to set up our stall until the Saturday morning. Instead we met up with the guys from Social Swinging, who were also promoting their site and did some socialising.

Social Swinging

The next morning we got up pretty early and before most of the guests. We had a lovely shower, the facility were amazing at The Vanilla Alternative, always clean, always working. After the shower and a good cup of coffee we set to work setting up our stall. 

The Pantie Purse stall at Vanilla Alternative

The sun was shining and we mean shining, it was so hot most people were having bbq's sunbathing and generally relaxing. We worked from 11am to 6pm and met some amazing people and some of our regular customers. We then had a tour of the venue. Its such a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. With chill out areas , licensed bar and even their own giant hot tub/ pool, everything is done to the highest of standard. 

Vanilla Alterative

Pool / Hot Tub at The Vanilla Alternative
Day turned into night, and the event didn't disappoint, with everyone getting glammed up, including us at The Pantie Purse, it was time to enjoy live music. everyone looked beautiful, there was such a high class of people at the Vanilla Alternative Festival

The Pantie Purse at The Vanilla Alternative Festival. Wearing Noir  Handmade,
The band was amazing, a great selection of music and a bit of rock, which we love. They were so talented. when the band had finished the DJ began. What a hunk he was and he played some great tunes. Then it started the Vanilla Alternative Festival Of Fun Foam Party, OMG it was amazing, there was too much foam and as it was a beautiful summers night it was soo enjoyable. Once the foam party had ended it was time for another shower and more socialising with the great friends we had made during the festival. 

I don't think anyone was seen the next day until after 10am, as the partying last well into the early hours of the morning. it was time to pack away our stands, say goodbye to new and old friends and head home.

This event at Vanilla Alternative is not to be missed, great venue, great entertainment and great people. we will most certainly attending again.

All photos in this blog have been taken by Kieran of In The Scene Photography.