Saturday, 30 July 2016

Swingfields 2016 - Alternative Lifestyle Festival

Swingfields is the largest alternative lifestyle event in the UK's calendar for Swingers and people looking for fun. This year it was held in Trellech in several farmers fields, on the 1st weekend in July and we at The Pantie Purse attended.

On arrival it was a nice day, but a wet and muddy field awaited us. The Swingfields site had been rained on, by the lovely british weather and had made conditions rather difficult. Cast your mind to Glastonbury, and you are on the same mud level.

The traders tent at Swingfields was at the far end of the field to where we had parked. Within the tent were us from The Pantie Purse selling everything erotic, from womens lingerie and nightwear, to dildo's and fetish wear and lube. There were also other sellers and Swinging sites promoting their website and even a Swinging Holiday company promoting their exotic and erotic holidays.

The days at Swingfields looked like this - We woke early and got into the luxury showers that were provided, usually around 8.30am to 9am. We always wanted to get in them early so we could have a nice long hot shower before our day on the stall. We must say all the facilities that were provided at Swingfields were good, from the toilets to the showers, even water points. Although not all food stalls had been able to make it to Swingfields because of the weather, the food choices were still good. We had breakfast every morning from the Feast Food van that was ran by some lovely gentlemen, who were both called Richard. They even supplied us with change all weekend to for us to use on our stall and kept me supplied with plenty of coffee.

At Swingfields 2016 we met some great people. We want to thank everyone who came to see us on our stall and thank our customers.

The Pantie Purse Swingfields 2016
We couldn't attend Swingfields without getting involved in the nightlife. The Red Party Bus was our first stop where we got ourselves a drink and met up with friends. Then it was either off to the Disco tent or the tent opposite which had live entertainments. 

Red Bus Pub Swingfields 2016
We must admit we made some great friends at Swingfields and we will keep in touch with them going forward. We are already planning on attending Swingfields 2017, not just because of our work but because the people were great, the atmosphere was brilliant and it was such a fun packed festival. So anyone thinking of going we would highly recommend it.

We want to thank all the Swingfields organises and staff for such a great festival and hope to see you again for Swingfields 2017.

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