Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What's My Perfect Shade Of Lipstick? It's The Colour Of Your Nipple !!!

Yes you read it right !!! the perfect colour and shade of lipstick for you is suppose to be the colour of your actual nipples. Yes we were a bit shocked when we heard that to, especially as at the Pantie Purse we enjoy a bright lipstick.

This interesting fact and bit of weird news has actually come from doctors, yes doctors? The reason behind this is nature really is the best colorist, and she knows what compliments your skin tone best. I guess it makes sense?! Kind of!? Maybe??

So we thought well, your body changes depending on the situation, yes your natural nipple colour is more like a pale nude, or brown etc, but we enjoy our reds and purples. so what needs to change, according to doctors,to get that perfect lip colour, well your nipple colour this what!! and that's whats brought us to well... you guest it nipple clamps.

Well below we feature an array of clamps. 

Our first being the 3 ring nipple clamps, as Beyonce would say 'put a ring on it' and these clamps are perfect for that.


We told you that we like our lipstick bright and we prefer it red, well the stainless steel japenese clover butterfly nipple clamps would give us the perfect shade. Tweet your nipples to intensive the pain, the pleasure and the colour. 


Why not frame those lips? A nipple clamp and ball gag combo is just for you. Not only will it improve the colour and pleasure you re getting from your nipples, but that lipstick will be perfectly framing the ball gag.


Whatever choice of lipstick you go for, whether this to match your nipples are not, we know you will always look fabulous.