Monday, 1 May 2017

May Day Madness And Nudity

Its' a May Day and that means one thing in the UK.. It's a bank holiday. an extra long weekend, well for some anyway. And what do us brits enjoy on a bank holiday, a good old drinking session and party. We do like a bbq to but as we know bank holidays in the UK tend not to have the best weather and this May Day is no exception, but that didn't stop the students of St Andrews University stripping off in a drunken skinny dip.They must have been freezing as temperatures haven't been kind.

It's not the first time us brits like to get naked on a bank holiday, despite the weather. Last year in May a Hiker took a naked stroll around bolton for the Bank Holiday at the end of May. It was slightly warmer in 2016 with temperatures seeing around 19C. with many people hoping the naked hiker had protection from sun screen.

Us brits are not the only one getting naked Miami's TV's Jenny Scordamaglia goes clubbing naked. Yes we said it she got clubbing NAKED. The 28 year old model wore nothing more than a smile, a bit of body paint and a neck scarf. I suppose it takes the stress out of choosing what you are going to wear. 

In the past few weeks, we are doubtful that Jenny owns any clothes, as she seems naked more than she is clothed. She became a worldwide hit when she peeled off her clothes for a saucy cooking show.

We just hope she was careful as we don't think hot food and the naked form mix to well. But we can tell you one thing she looks fantastic and we love you folk out there that dare to bear.