Saturday, 23 July 2016

Be like the Celebs and Wear Sexy Body Stockings

As we all know fashion has come along way. We can usually wear what we want, when we want to and that being said celebrities as we all know are in a different league. They set trends and take their fashion to the next level. we all remember that meat dress worn by Lady Gaga don't we? well we are not talking about wearing meat today but we are talking about the body stocking.

what's a body stocking you ask? A body stocking is a one piece skin tight garment, the covers the torso, legs and sometimes the arms. it was once a foundation garment or lingerie, only to be worn in the bedroom or under clothes. Body Stockings are usually made from sheer fabric that they usually use to make hosieries and stockings. 

Its unclear when the first body stocking was made, but they have been around for a very long time. A body stocking may be worn for the smooth line it gives under clothes or because it cannot become untucked from trousers or a skirt. When worn as underwear, it is usually not worn with other underwear.

Bodystockings are put on through the neck, in a similar technique to putting on a pair of tights: the body and arm sections are rolled down and then the legs are scrunched up like stockings; one would put one foot in and pull the stocking part up, and then the same on the other leg; from the waist, the bodystocking is pulled up over the torso to the chest, and then the arms are scrunched up and put on in same way as the legs; and the garment is then adjusted as required, and any ribbons and fasteners tied.

Madonna in a Fishnet Body Stocking
Madonna is known for her outrageous outfits, and out spoken character so there's no surprise that she has donned a body stocking as an outfit for a party. Above she is being a fishnet body stocking with black lingerie and black belt. The fishnet body stocking comes with matching gloves. You must agree, she definitely turns heads in this outfit.

From Madonna on a night out (Met Gala) to Lindsay Lohan in her body stocking for a fancy dress Halloween party. Lindsay Lohan is known to shock with her behaviour and she loves a sexy outfit so this body stocking was perfect for her when she attended a halloween party. Hugging her figure and showing it off to its fullest Lindsay Lohan looks great in this body stocking as a sexy vampire Cat Woman.

Lindsay Lohan in Sexy Lace Body Stocking
Staying with the sexy the body stocking brings and nothing could be more sexy than Kylie Jenner, with her famous curves and millions of followers on social media, we know when she did this photoshoot in the desert it was going to be popular. She wore a stunningly sexy figure hugging fishnet body stocking with long sleeves, which showed her assets at their best. We don't know whether she was hot out there in the desert, but we certainly know one thing, she was looking hot in the body stocking.

Kylie Jenna in Sexy Body Stocking.

One of the UK's best selling female artist Jessie J, is one bad ass. Her sense of style was unique yet daring and her outfit of choice was the body stocking. Whether she was being interviewed, or performing in a live performance Jessie J would be wearing a sexy body stocking, and you must agree she looks amazing. Due to her love of the body stocking she even landed herself a contract with a famous hosiery company. 

Jessie J in sexy body stocking
Jessie J in Nude Body Stocking
If you are not as daring as the above celebrities then don't worry, wearing a body stocking doesn't have to be so out there. Gwen Stafani rocked a fishnet body stocking under her clothes, only showing on her legs and tummy. The fishnet body stocking definitely gives a rock and roll edge to the outfit and it suit Gwen and her style.

Gwen Stefani in Fishnet Bodystocking
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Whether you want to be daring like the celebrities and wear your body stocking as an outfit, or whether you wear it in the bedroom, we know the body stocking is a very sexy piece of clothing and is definitely here to stay.