Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Wife Swapping Playground with Playgrounds at Radletts

So once again we have been out and about meeting new people and taking The Pantie Purse and all the goodie we have to offer on tour, and for sale. The lovely people from Playgrounds invited us to one of their parties, which was held at Radletts. If you haven't  heard of Radletts then check out netflix, as their famous club/house is featured on there. Search for Wife Swapping Im sure you'll find it.

Playgrounds are known for their amazing parties and holding our Pantie Purse stall was a great opportunity. We arrived at the beautiful Radletts house early so we could get set up. What a great welcome we received. This was the first time we had been to a club/party like this, so we were  little nervous. We were made to feel really welcome and everyone was soo lovely and kind.

Radletts is different for a normal swinging club. Its set in a beautiful large house, which is clean and friendly. You can choose to spend your time in the lounge chilling out and chatting, or have a brew in the kitchen, or a dance on the dance floor which was part of what used to be a living room.  It was a large room and this was where we set up our stall. Outside the french doors was a patio area, with hot tub and large swimming pool that anyone could enjoy.

Dressed to impress people arrived from roughly 9.30pm and the party was in full swing. If you wanted to partake in a little bit of wife swapping then there were plenty of bedrooms upstairs you could use, which were all clean and well equipped for whatever you needed them for.

People enjoyed us being there, picking up little bits and bobs throughout the night, we were happy to help them enjoy their experiences even more. We wanted to thank Radletts for having us and the awesome guys from Playgrounds for inviting us. We have met Playgrounds on a few occasions now and if you get a chance to attend one of their parties or events, there not to be missed.