Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Be A Devil With Give Lube Heating and Cooling Lubricant Pleasure Gels.

Well as its nearer to halloween and we all like to bring a little bit of devil out in us, then we thought it only right to introduce some of the new lubricant pleasure gel on offer from The Pantie Purse.

Give Lube are creators of high quality lubricants and pleasure gels and as customers and regular blog readers, you all know this is the only lubricant rage we stock at The Pantie Purse - why you may ask? Well we love the thought that Give Lube is a UK Brand and their lubricants and pleasure gel are pretty awesome to.

Give Lube Lubricant and Pleasure Gels - CLICK TO BUY

There are 3 fantastic new products in the Give Lube range - The first is the Super Thick Aqua Lube.
This lube is great for any kind of sex including anal. Its super thick texture means the lubricant lasts for hours, or lets as long as you do.  100% toy safe and enriched with vitamin e making it great for the skin to.

Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube - Click to buy.

The 2nd new product we have to offer you is devilishly hot and will heat up those senses and genitals for extra pleasure while you play - It's Give Lube Lube Tube Horny Devil Warming Gel. We do suggest you use this product sparingly as it packs a punch, but the sensation it gives while playing not only heats you up but will also heat up your partner to. Use it as a lubricant or as a massage gel, either way you will enjoy yourself getting all hot and bothered in the process.

Horny Devil Warming Gel - CLICK TO BUY

Well I think we need to cool down as we are a little hot and bothered after the talk of this devilish lube, and that brings us on nicely to our final product - Give Lube Lube Tube Ice Breaker Cooling Gel. This 100ml Lube Tube is filled with a cooling gel that will give you a fresh cool feeling where ever used. Like the Heating Gel the Cooling Gel can be used as a lubricant or as a massage gel.

Give Lube Ice Breaker Cooling Gel - CLICK TO BUY

Which ever lubricant you chose from our Give Lube range we are sure they will all heighten the senses and leave you wanting more.