Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Extreme Sex Toys and Dildos - Look no further.

Extreme Sex Toys, Extra Extra Large Dildo's Extra  Large Butt Plugs, look no further, there's a new arrival at The Pantie Purse and the Goose has arrived.

The Goose I hear you say... what's the Goose? well this is it -

xxtreme Goose 23 Inch Black Dildo.

The Goose is an Extreme Dildo, a Extra Extra large cock for extra extra large pleasure, 23 inches in length and 3.9 inches in diameter, its more of a beast than a goose. With a suction cup to the base it can bit fixed to any surface you chose for well easy riding... I say easy riding but at this size.. you can decide.

Now lets move on and Ignite - Ignite with the Red Ignite Xtra Large Bum Plug. This Triple Bum Plug has riples down what I call the shaft of the butt plug, which gives extra pleasure and a bit of breathing space when inserted. At 5.75 inches tall and 6.60 in diameter this is also an extreme piece of sex toy kit. It also comes in black. It looks a little like a christmas tree but don't be fooled I don't think it would be soo innocent when inserted into your ass.

Ignite Xlarge Bum Plug

Xlarge Butt Plug

As ever all items can be purchased from so go check them out.