Sunday, 31 May 2015

Super Thick Anal Lube by Give Lube

The new product is out and yes it has been much anticipated. 

Give Lube as you all know make the best lubes on the market and with their range including Aqua Lube, Silicone Lube, Flavoured Lube and the Noir Lube which is specially formulated for Black Skin, we knew the brand would branch out into something else. Here it is - 

Super Thick Anal Lube By Give Lube, available to purchase from The Pantie Purse.

This fantastic Anal Lube is Super Thick and comes in a 200ml bottle, as we understand you need more.

It's predominantly water-based but they've added a little bit of silicone to make it extra-long lasting. Plus the silicone they've used is a new, toy-safe silicone so it can be used with all anal toys too!

Grab your from The Pantie Purse while stocks last as it is selling fast. It is such a great Lube for the money and great value.

Cherry and Raspberry Flavoured Lube from The Pantie Purse