Tuesday, 27 January 2015

50 Shades of Pleasure !!!

With the release of the new movie that every one has been talking about, you know that saucy movie called Fifty Shades of Grey, it's ready to hit cinemas on Valentines Day, no doubt there’s going to be a little more fun and a little more kink in the bedrooms of the viewers and The Pantie Purse is ready to help out.
Well lets start with the outfit, Anastacia is known as innocent and letting a little bit of her wild side out as their adventure goes on, well we thought why not a sultry babydoll. White for innocence and sheer for that sexy.
Sheer White Babydoll with red trim and matching panty.
A raunchy submissive isn’t complete without a gag, and this one leave you gagging for more.
So when we play, we would imagine you’d be introduced slowly to S&M, tied up, blind folded, spanked a little, you get the idea.
Get into the Kink with an Intro to S&M
Once we have gotten used to the soft and sultry side of S&M and your begging to take it up a notch, theres also being tied up fully, then theres not been able to close those legs and well maybe being tied to a door, stood up using your blind fold from earlier so you can’t see which angle the pleasure will come from.
We know the world is going to go crazy for the movie, and we want you to be prepared to go crazy in the bedroom.
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