Saturday, 4 October 2014

Step into a Sexier and Stylish Autumn/Winter with Sexy Stockings and Tights

Step into a Sexier and Stylish Autumn/Winter with Sexy Stockings and Tights from The Pantie Purse.

Sexy Fashion Tights by The Pantie Purse

As the title of this blog has indicated Autumn and Winter are creeping in fast, with the crisp mornings and dark nights its time to get a little creative with your fashion choices and bring out the warmer clothes. We've found that although you are snug in your warmer clothes this doesn't mean that you can't be sexy and stylish with a range of sexy stockings and tights in your wardrobe.

Ballerina 134 Black Sexy Fashion Tights from The Pantie Purse.

We will start with the tights, and what sexy tights they are. With a range from both great brands of Gabriella and Ballerina The Pantie Purse has tights that will tantalise the senses. There's a pair for everyone from simple and elegant to something a little sassy. From the infamous black or nero to the ivories and smokey greys there's a style to match any outfit.

Ballerina Amouss 007 White tights from The Pantie Purse
Well we will now move onto the range of sexy stockings as we know that although tights are great not everyone likes them, not that you couldn't like the tights above, but saying that we like to give choice here at The Pantie Purse and choice is what you've got. Our range of Stockings is extensive and fabulous and of course sexy.

Smokey Grey Hold Ups - Ballerina by The Pantie Purse

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