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Give Pleasure with Give Lube - The Award Winning Lube from The Pantie Purse

Lube Benefits & Sex Tips

Lube - what images does it conjure for you? Sex lube is a liquid which facilitates sexual interaction without any unpleasant chafing. Everyone can benefit from a great sex lubricant, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Lube doesn't even care whether you're in a relationship or not.

Sex lubricant gives you more than merely a practical solution to the skin drying effects of sexual activity. Lube actively enhances your pleasure as well as that of your partner. The right lube can help you feel every sensation in a dramatically new way, letting you enjoy the glide of flesh against flesh, rather than an uncomfortable and dragging experience.

You can use lube for a variety of different purposes:

Vaginal Sex

Anal Sex

Oral Sex

Sexual enjoyment in water (silicone lube)

Masturbation for both men and women

With sex toys

Erotic massage

For your rubber and latex clothing

So just how can Give Lube enhance and improve your sex life and relationships?

Sex lubricant is often termed a 'sex essential', but even if you don't have a physical need for lubricant products, they are still brilliant fun to use during masturbation and sex.

Lubricant is a great addition to sex and that's a scientific fact. A scientific study in the USA concluded that the use of sex lube leads to, " significantly higher ratings of pleasure and satisfaction" for men and women whether young or old.

Of course using sexual lubricant isn't just about your own pleasure. Keeping your partner's needs and desires as your main priority will lead to reciprocated pleasure as well as a more satisfying sex life for you both.

Give Lube is about giving pleasure and giving lubrication. Sex with your partner is quite literally a two way street, so give pleasure and receive yours in due course. Bond in a happier fashion by using our premium sexual lubricants that help you both focus on the physical sensations of sex without any worries for your comfort or intimate safety.

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