Saturday, 24 August 2013


Welcome to another Real Women post featuring the ever beautiful Frankie Serino. By now Frankie has become quite the staple around the blog with features, articles and interviews surrounding her budding career – therefore by now you will most likely have read that she herself is a mother! Just like many of you gorgeous ladies out there Frankie has a little boy, and as you can see for yourself she still looks amazing in lingerie. Sure she works hard for her career but she is proving everyday that women like you reading this blog right now can look fabulous after children let alone before.
There’s no denying how great she looks in her recent purchase from our store – a beautifully crafted sheer panel two piece with stockings that just slips over the curves of her body so sexily, it calls seductively to tell how confident and beautiful this woman is. This is only the second post in our Real Women series featuring Frankie, and quite possibly the start of many more. We hear you when you say you want to see how real people look in our ranges and that is what we shall continue to bring you whenever we can! Stay tuned later this week to see how our girl got on at the Miss British Empire pageant a few weekends ago, for an exclusive backstage photo with our creative director Emma Gargett just scroll a little further down ;) . Oh and those heels above oh my god they are just killing me!